Brian Johannesen is a singer-songwriter, landscape polaroid photographer, and talent buyer in Iowa City, IA. He has recorded five albums, including his latest, Holster Your Silver, which was released in January of 2020, shortly before the world changed. Once the pandemic hit, it derailed all the plans he had laid for the next year, and ultimately the trajectory of his life and career, as it did for so many. Brian decided to take a step back. He had been creating music and working in the industry since he was a teenager. He decided to pursue another passion – nature and sustainability. He had always been a National Parks buff, carving days out of his tours to visit as many as possible, taking polaroid photos of the landscapes and selling them at his merch table. He had also started to dive deep into the climate crisis, a passion that started back in 2007 when he saw Al Gore give his famous An Inconvenient Truth presentation as a freshman at Arizona State University. He decided to go back to school and earned a Certificate in Sustainability from the University of Iowa. As he studied, his worlds collided. He realized the most effective way to communicate the effects of the climate disaster was through telling the human stories of those impacted. Since then he has been gathering these stories, through travel and research, compiling them into a cohesive piece – a snapshot of a planet on the brink – like a polaroid, fuzzy, grainy, and uniquely its own.