Elizabeth Herring (b. 1991, Los Angeles) is an artist working in photography and installation living and working in Ojai, California. Her practice often investigates the intersection between social networks and community building, leading her to develop a practice also rooted in curation and arts organizing. Herring’s 2020 solo show Ojai City Gift, began her para-fictional exploration of places of business as agents for cultural shifts, which led her to build an installation project titled Cappuccino Cafe: Outpost for her CalArts MFA thesis project. Cappuccino Cafe: Outpost was a temporary room full of artworks created to further unpack the relationships between image production, aesthetic subcultures, and human connection in the current era of peak social media usage. Additionally, Herring’s photographs have been published in The Editorial Magazine, Zweikommasieben, Sleek Magazine, Esquire, and Vice.