206 Bocook St.
Matfield Green, KS

Join artist-in-residence Cody Norton for a campfire conversation about his work with queer communities in realms of hunting, fishing, camping and more. Participants may be invited to share some of their experiences in the outdoors, and discuss how to create open space for queer people and other minority groups who have historically been excluded from these traditions. 

Note: This event is meant to be a safe and welcoming space, and any hatred or homophobia will not be tolerated. This event is being hosted on private property, and anyone exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave immediately.

Cody Norton is an Elgin, Texas-born and raised artist. He is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture and Post Studio Practices at the University of Colorado Boulder. As an interdisciplinary artist, he is exploring the ways humankind has disrupted and intervened in ecosystems across North America. With specific insight into the hunting industry here in the United States; he investigates how marginalized groups such as queer people are intervening and disrupting heteronormative white male-dominated spaces.