Matthew Darmour-Paul is a spatial researcher and practitioner based in London, UK. Born in Illinois and Iowa-bred, his work explores architecture’s entanglement within conflicts of ruralisation, political ecology and the financialisation of nature.

He is currently working as a researcher in collaboration with the artist duo COOKING SECTIONS on projects in the US and the UK and has worked internationally on architectural and urban design projects and competitions in the United States and Australia.

In July 2018, together with Dika Terra Lim, Yujun Liu, and Chijen Wang, he was awarded the Demanio Marritimo Km-278 commission for the design and construction of a pavilion that hosted a day of cultural events in Marzocca di Senigallia, Italy, a project organised by MappeLab and published on Domus, and Art Tribune.

Matthew has a BA in Architecture from Iowa State University (USA) and is completing the MA in Architecture programme at the Royal College of Art (UK).