Sandra was born in Sedalia, MO but spent most of her life in the southwestern desert regions of Arizona, then the open spaces of east Texas. Having come full circle, she is thrilled to experience the Midwest as an adult. Sandra gained basic sewing skills on her mother’s antique Singer. Later, she found the detail and quiet rhythm of hand stitching soothing. The twists and turns of life have steered her to explore textiles as an art form. From an early age, her interest in personal stories expanded to Black history during her college years. As an adult she discovered the treasures of slave narratives. These people living through our nations dark period, Sandra calls “The lesser-known lights in the vast heavens of Black History.” Her growing compilation of historical fiction weaves color into the white spaces of their accounts, granting access into likely events and conversations. Sandra’s process is uncomplicated. While reading a narrative, a particular scene sparks a creative idea. Imagination and prayer lead the way in fabric choice and creation of appliques which are hand and machine stitched. She has learned to relax and flow with the inspiration, especially since fabric is a forgiving medium. Just as life can be wild, sometimes the edges are left raw and strands dangling.