Konza Prairie Biological Station
Manhattan, KS

Join artist-in-residence Madeline Cass for a presentation at Konza Prairie Biological Station in Manhattan, KS, “Shifting Landscapes: Capturing Natural Histories through Wetlands, Extinct Birds, and Prairie Fire”

**Please note: This event is at the KPBS Meeting Hall in the limestone barn. DRIVE PAST THE NATURE TRAIL PARKING LOT to KPBS headquarters for event parking.**

Madeline Cass is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Growing up in a major monoculture state, Cass’ worldview has formed by seeking overlooked wildness that exists around us and how people can connect to these spaces. Her work examines the multitude of relationships between art, science, nature, and humanity. Acting as a translator for nature, her practice is formed by sauntering and examining the landscape intimately, fostering dialogue and empathy. Through interacting with her local habitat in unexpected ways and inviting others to join, she offers alternative pathways into environmental consciousness and ecological thinking.